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Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

The following list includes both published and ahead-of-print (online first) articles published by Jaclyn. Click on the journal icon to the left of the information to be taken to the publisher's website (the link will open in a new window, so be sure your pop-up blocker is disabled). If you would like a copy of the article, please contact Jaclyn directly.


Armed and Academic: Perceptions of College Students on Concealed Carry on Campus Policies
Jaclyn Schildraut, Collin M. Carr, & Victoria Terranova
Published in Journal of School Violence, 2018 - Online First

A Tale of Two Universities: A Comparison of College Students' Attitudes About Concealed Carry on Campus
Jaclyn Schildkraut, Kevin Jennings, Collin M. Carr, and Victoria Terranova
Published in Security Journal, 2018 - Online First

Barriers to the Ballot: Implications for the Development of State and National Crime Policies
Collin M. Carr, Jaclyn Schildkraut, and Allison Rank
Published in Criminal Justice Studies , 2017 - Volume 30, Issue 3 (pp. 276-288)

Understanding Crisis Communications: Examining Students' Perceptions About Campus Notification Systems
Jaclyn Schildkraut, Joseph M. McKenna, and H. Jaymi Elsass
Published in Security Journal, 2017 - Volume 30, Issue 2 (pp. 605-620)

Mass Shootings and the Media: Why All Events Are Not Created Equal
Jaclyn Schildkraut, H. Jaymi Elsass, and Kimberly Meredith
Forthcoming in Journal of Crime and Justice

Rethinking Crisis Communications on Campus: An Evaluation of Faculty and Staff Perceptions About
Emergency Notification Systems
H. Jaymi Elsass, Joseph M. McKenna, and Jaclyn Schildkraut
Published in Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, 2016 - Volume 13, Issue 3 (pp. 329-349)

Mass Murder and the Mass Media: Understanding the Construction of the Social Problem of Mass Shootings in the U.S.
Jaclyn Schildkraut
Published in Journal of Qualitative Criminal Justice & Criminology, 2016 - Volume 4, Issue 1 (pp. 1-41)

Studying School Shootings: Challenges and Considerations for Research
H. Jaymi Elsass, Jaclyn Schildkraut, and Mark C. Stafford
Published in American Journal of Criminal Justice, 2016 - Volume 41, Issue 3 (pp. 444-464)

Researching Professionals or Professional Researchers? A Comparison of Professional Doctorates and
Ph.D. Programs in Criminology & Criminal Justice
Jaclyn Schildkraut and Mark C. Stafford
Published in American Journal of Criminal Justice, 2015 - Volume 40, Issue 1 (pp. 183-198)

Could It Happen Here? Moral Panic, School Shootings, and Fear of Crime Among College Students
Jaclyn Schildkraut, H. Jaymi Elsass, and Mark C. Stafford
Published in Crime, Law and Social Change, 2015 - Volume 63, Issue 1-2 (pp. 91-110)

Breaking News of Social Problems: Examining Media Consumption and Panic Over School Shootings
H. Jaymi Elsass, Jaclyn Schildkraut, and Mark C. Stafford
Published in Criminology, Criminal Justice, Law, and Society, 2014 - Volume 15, Issue 2 (pp. 31-42)

Laws That Bit the Bullet: A Review of Legislative Responses to School Shootings
Jaclyn Schildkraut and Tiffany Cox Hernandez
Published in American Journal of Criminal Justice, 2014 - Volume 39, Issue 2 (pp. 358-374)

Media Salience and the Framing of Mass Murder in Schools: A Comparison of the Columbine and
Sandy Hook School Tragedies

Jaclyn Schildkraut and Glenn W. Muschert
Published in Homicide Studies, 2014 - Volume 18, Issue 1 (pp. 23-43)

Movin', But Not Up To The East Side: Foreclosures and Social Disorganization in Orange County, Florida
Jaclyn Schildkraut and Elizabeth Erhardt Mustaine
Published in Housing Studies, 2014 - Volume 29, Issue 2 (pp. 177-197)

Violent Media, Guns, and Mental Illness: The Three Ring Circus of Causal Factors for School Massacres,0
as Related in Media Discourse

Jaclyn Schildkraut and Glenn W. Muschert
Published in Fast Capitalism, 2013 - Volume 10, Issue 1 (Dual Publication)

An Inmate's Right To Die: Legal and Ethical Considerations in Death Row Volunteering
Jaclyn Schildkraut
Published in Criminal Justice Studies, 2013 - Volume 26, Issue 2 (pp. 139-150)

Media and Massacre: A Comparative Analysis of the Reporting of the 2007 Virginia Tech Shooting
Jaclyn Schildkraut
Published in Fast Capitalism, 2012 - Volume 9, Issue 1

Murder in Black: A Media Distortion Analysis of Homicides in Baltimore in 2010
Jaclyn Schildkraut & Amy Donley
Published in Homicide Studies, May 2012 - Volume 16, Issue 2 (pp. 175-196)

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