Jaclyn Schildkraut

Assistant Professor of Public Justice
State University of New York at Oswego

Video Interviews

The following links will direct you to local and national news stories in video format that have featured Jaclyn's research. To view the story, click on the video icon to the left of the story information (the link will open in a new window, so be sure your pop-up blocker is disabled).

Sunrise (Australia) : Las Vegas shooter's Australian Girlfriend deemed a person of interest
(October 4, 2017)

LocalSYR.com: SUNY Oswego professor discusses lasting impact of mass shootings
(August 20, 2017)

LocalSYR.com: SUNY Oswego professor discusses congressional baseball shooting aftermath
(June 14, 2017)

CNYCentral.com: CNY community remembers victims of Pulse Nightclub shooting
(June 12, 2017)

LocalSYR.com: 49 lives lost in Orlando nightclub massacre remembered in Syracuse
(June 12, 2017)

SUNY Oswego : Jaclyn Schildkraut on mass shootings and public justice
(April 7, 2016)

Instructional Technologies Support : Texas State University's third winner of an international teaching award
(June 14, 2012)
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